• "Developing partnerships, Empowering opportunities"


Mission Statement

‘To Raise Awareness, Educate, Influence & Empower Individuals to Increase their levels of Commitment & Participation in cricket, at all levels of the Game’

Aims and Objectives

  • To support and promote cricket within the South Asian Cricketing Community, & Increase growth and participation levels within the affiliated game in all areas, including coaching, volunteering, umpiring, scoring and administration.
  • To liaise and work with the ECB, County Cricket Boards, administrators and other parties related to cricket such as the National Cricket Conference, and the Club Cricket Conference. To promote the interests of cricket in general and to also raise the profile of the South Asian Cricketing Community nationally.
  • Seeking to support and be involved in playing an active role in key decision making forums within the administration of cricket in association with the ECB and County Cricket Boards.
  • To acquire official recognition and endorsement by the ECB.
  • Offer help, support and assistance to traditional cricket clubs.
  • To assist the ECB and carrying out investigative work at grassroots level to gauge growth, participation levels and identify further growth areas of the game at local and regional levels.
  • Offer support and assistance to the South Asian Cricketing Community leagues and teams who have ambitions to participate in ECB National Cup competitions. We will work in close conjunction with the affiliate leagues and teams, ECB and County Cricket Boards in delivering the right leagues, teams for these competitions. Ensuring standards are met by leagues, teams so that their participation in such competitions is enjoyed by all concerned and recognised at a National level.

What we are looking to do

The NACC is an organisation which stands for the promotion of the South Asian Cricketing Community. We are confident that we can mobilise the South Asian Cricketing Community to become more active within the game of cricket at a National and regional level. At the same time challenging the communities on the contributions they are making to mainstream cricket and how they can support it further. As an organisation we aim to include everyone and exclude no one and to also safeguard and secure the future of the South Asian Cricketing Community in this Country. We now form an integral part of the ECB’s five-year cricket unleashed strategy, working with them and County Cricket Boards in strong partnership, thus being a major contributor around growth, participation and engagement

Partners & Sponsors