Our Mission

What we do

-We are looking to be the voice of the South Asian cricketing community
-We are challenging the communities on the contributions they were making to mainstream cricket
-We aim to include everyone and exclude no one.
-Looking to play a role in bringing County Cricket Boards and communities together.
-Aim to support the objectives Cricket has around participation and engagement.

About NACC

The National Asian Cricket Council has been established to support and promote the interests of the South Asian Cricketing Community at National and Regional levels, whilst building open relationships between key stakeholders such as the England and Wales Cricket Board, County Boards and their immediate cricketing communities. The purpose of the National Asian Cricket Council is two-fold; firstly, we would become the voice of the South Asian Cricketing Communities across the country and secondly, we will challenge the South Asian Cricketing Communities on the contributions they are making to mainstream cricket. 

At the same time, it is important to note that the South Asian Cricketing Community is a very significant part of the cricketing family in this country, with official statistics confirming between 30-40% of all recreational cricket in the UK is played by South Asians. The large majority of South Asians in cricket have existed for anything between 20 – 35 + years, representing hundreds of leagues, clubs and thousands of players, with most of them still playing in the parks. In the main, they have had to rely on themselves to develop and sustain their cricket single highhandedly.  

The National Asian Cricket Council have highly-skilled and motivated community cricketing people as elected board members which, at present, cover 10 counties. We believe to collectively move forward for the betterment of the whole cricketing family. There needs to be a sea change in ‘Hearts and Minds’ from all sides with the focus point of integration being paramount and integral to how we move forward. Over the last year, dialogue with the England and Wales Cricket Board has been positive and it is encouraging to see the National Asian Cricket Council acknowledged as one of the working partners mentioned in their 5 year Cricket Unleashed strategy paper. We look forward to cementing our position with a clearly defined role as we move forward.  

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